Opening Remarks

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  • Wed Feb 24th at 9:00pm Hong Kong
  • Wed Feb 24th at 1:00pm London
  • Wed Feb 24th at 8:00am New York


  • Janice Wang Janice Wang Chair of the Board, MOTIF & CEO, Alvanon

    I care deeply about the apparel industry - because of my family's history with manufacturing, because of the wonderful people who have schooled me and inspired me to do better, to constantly evolve and to be constantly curious. I seek industrial change - to make this industry a more sustainable, more disciplined, more caring, more technology-embracing; and yet also seek to preserve the traditional and fundamentals which allow all of us to wear clothes and feel good in clothes. Talk to me about curiosity, sustainability, training, organisational leadership, new technology - and then join us in improving our industry through action.

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