Packaging - the most visible and branded experience for the consumer

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  • Thu Feb 25th at 10:15pm Hong Kong
  • Thu Feb 25th at 2:15pm London
  • Thu Feb 25th at 9:15am New York


  • Gunjit Chopra Gunjit Chopra Senior Head of Central Operations, Puma

    Business Operations and Technology professional with 8 years of experience across change management, digital transformation, strategy, supply chain management and IT.

  • Sean Murphy Sean Murphy Chief Marketing Officer, L&E

    Passionate about brand packaging and sustainability, Sean is an internationally experienced Executive with a proven record of success in brand design, sustainable packaging, marketing and leadership. An enthusiastic blue sky thinker, Sean works with companies to help improve products, brands and packaging while reducing company costs, moving sustainability initiatives forward and increasing the bottom line. A results-driven leader who is adept at private label and brand packaging, design, artwork production, photography, engineering and implementation of sustainable materials, Sean brings knowledge of OEM and ODM supply chain management, subcontractor relations and negotiations. A US Citizen, Sean has lived and worked in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Taipei, Chicago and currently based in New York.

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