Pivoting towards Digitalization with the APEX

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  • Tue Sep 21st at 11:45pm Hong Kong
  • Tue Sep 21st at 4:45pm London
  • Tue Sep 21st at 11:45am New York

Digitalization has been a major topic in the industry as it begins shifting towards streamlined sustainable measures to improve communication while decreasing physical sampling waste. This session will highlight the SDS-ONE Apex Design System and its capabilities to streamline development processes in the fashion industry by designing closer to the manufacturing language for streamlined communications and minimized miscommunication.

The session will feature Hayato Nishi, PR Manager from SHIMA SEIKI U.S.A. Inc., to highlight the APEX and its capabilities, and Nicholas Paganelli, Manager, 3D Product Specialist from Ralph Lauren. Nicholas will share how he has taken advantage of the APEX to digitize materials and trims to offer a foundation for digital design, minimize miscommunications, and minimize physical sampling waste within the organization. The Ralph Lauren team’s mission is to preserve their heritage by committing to an authentic and sustainable future of product creation.


  • Hayato Nishi Hayato Nishi Public Relations Manager and Sales at SHIMA SEIKI U.S.A. Inc.

    Hayato Nishi is manager of Public Relations and sales at SHIMA SEIKI USA's which is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. Hayato consults with designers and brands to maximize the utilization of 3D Virtual Sampling and WHOLEGARMENT 3D Knit technology, working on many B2B projects to incorporate DX in the supply chain and to make the industry more sustainable. He also works on many projects with brands, yarn mills, and designers to bring concepts to life and spread awareness of Shima Seiki’s various technologies and innovations.

  • User Nicholas Paganelli 3D Product Specialist at Ralph Lauren

    Nicholas Paganelli is a creative technologist focused on how we can transform the centuries-old process of clothing production. He is currently a 3D Product Specialist at Ralph Lauren Corporation, specializing in the digitization of soft goods and textiles. Prior to this Nicholas received an MFA in Design + Technology from Parsons School of Design. His peer-reviewed thesis research, published in the journal Fashion Practice, explores how new technologies can help create accessible clothing for people with disabilities. Nicholas has also published research into the use of 3D Body Scanning for made-to-order apparel. In this way Nicholas seeks to leverage technology and strategic innovation in the push for a more equal fashion industry. Nicholas also relies on his years of experience as an entrepreneur to push these goals forward, having worked for Made in New York certified apparel startups and internationally focused Fair Trade certified retail businesses.

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