A positive water footprint for fashion

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  • Peter Bartsch Peter Bartsch Head of Corporate Sustainability, Lenzing

    Peter Bartsch has more than 20 years of experience in textile industry. He worked in R&D, technical customer services, business development and marketing. He has gained experience throughout the entire supply chain including brand and retail level before taking responsibility for Corporate Sustainability in Lenzing Group from 2014. As head of sustainability department, Mr. Bartsch is responsible for the integration of sustainability in different business functions and for the implementation of the sustainability strategy in the Group. He reports directly to the Management Board of the Lenzing Group. He is a board member of DTB, a German association for partnering and dialog within the textile industry.

  • Pedro Silva Pedro Silva Head of Industrialization, Tintex Textiles

    As a Chemical Engineer, my professional career started at Corticeira Amorim (PT), the biggest natural cork stopper producer in the globe, working as an operator and technician in a top-of-the-line, high-scale, chromatography analysis system. From there, I moved to the Netherlands to work as a Product Developer Intern at DMT, a company specialized in water treatment and biogas upgade, developing and designing a Pressure Swing Adsorption system for methane production from agriculture and livestock feed waste. Finished my time in the Netherlands, I came back to Portugal to join my father (President) and brother (CEO) at Tintex Textiles, first starting as Innovation Manager, getting to grips with some of the challenges facing the textile industry and tackling them, and later moving on to implement new production processes and aid in the development of innovative products as Head of Industrialization. Together with my father and brother, I am also Administrator of this family business.

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  • Simon Ferrigno Simon Ferrigno Cotton Diaries community co-lead and cotton expert, Ecotextile News

    Simon Ferrigno is a freelance researcher and writer on cotton and sustainability with over 20 years experience, investigating both problems and alternatives (organic, Fairtrade, etc.) in sustainable agriculture for public and private clients. He is a regular speaker at international events, the author of 'An Insider's Guide to Cotton and Sustainability' (February 2012) and 'An Inside Guide to Cotton & Sustainability' (2020) and a regular contributor to Ecotextile News magazine. He has previously worked for Pesticide Action Network UK and the International Institute for Environment and Development. Simon is based in Derbyshire, UK.

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  • Johannes Fürst Johannes Fürst moderator Co-founder of Montebelo and The Blue Lab at Drip by Drip

    Based between Porto and A Coruña, Johannes dedicates himself to the research and development of sustainable textile products. With a background in brand management, he works closely with brands, mills, and manufacturers in all stages of the supply chain. At Drip by Drip he is responsible for the Blue Lab - an initiative to develop alternative textile solutions, aiming to have the smallest possible water footprint.

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