Sustainability standards: multi-stakeholders collaboration

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  • Wed Feb 24th at 10:30pm Hong Kong
  • Wed Feb 24th at 2:30pm London
  • Wed Feb 24th at 9:30am New York


  • Marianna Tsien Marianna Tsien Senior Director, Business Development and Membership, APAC, SAC

    At SAC, Marianna focuses on connecting with SAC members, guiding them to use the HIGG Index, and apply resources that drive adoption of the Higg tools, including through supply chain collaboration among members. Prior joining to SAC, Marianna had over 15 years of experience managing supply chain sustainability programs in Asia, with the latest one at Ascena, the parent company of ANN INC. She developed the implementation strategy to run the program with strategic suppliers in tier-1 and tier-2, building business cases and roadmaps to scale the programs to improve sustainability impacts in social & labor performance, women's empowerment, and the environment.

  • Jonathan Salmon Jonathan Salmon Head of Sustainability, Li & Fung

  • Avedis Seferian Avedis Seferian President & CEO, WRAP

    Avedis Seferian joined WRAP in 2004 and became its President and CEO in 2012. He has extensive knowledge of social responsibility issues within the highly complex worldwide supply chains of the apparel, textile and footwear sectors. A recognized expert in the area of social compliance and responsible sourcing, Mr. Seferian was named by Assent Compliance as one of the Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Leaders for 2020. He often speaks on topics in this field at different forums around the world and has contributed to many leading trade publications and news outlets. Mr. Seferian is the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA) and sits on the Impartiality Committees of several audit organizations; he also served on the Board of Advisors of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety and is a member of the American Bar Association and the Virginia State Bar.

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  • Jeremy Prepscius Jeremy Prepscius moderator Vice President, Asia-Pacific, BSR

    Jeremy is in charge of serving and expanding BSR’s member base in Asia and integrating the work there into our global approach. BSR’s global thought leadership, informed through field work and local implementations, enables us to work with member companies to create innovative sustainable solutions and globalize the sustainability dialogue. Jeremy has extensive experience in supply chain management, business integration, external communications, government relations and compliance operations. Prior to joining BSR in 2006, he spent more than 10 years on equipment sourcing, footwear production and corporate responsibility for Nike, Inc. He also worked in China for five years as the North Asia Regional Compliance Director, covering sustainability issues in Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Jeremy holds an M.S. in Economic Development from the Patterson School of Diplomacy, and an M.S. in International Commerce from the University of Kentucky.

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