The Collaborative Digital Showroom

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  • Thu Sep 23rd at 12:35am Hong Kong
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 5:35pm London
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 12:35pm New York

Industries like architecture, web design and others have benefited from collaboration and presentation tools to share designs digitally at every step - the same is not true for apparel. And a transition to remote work has forced the industry to make do, while technology gaps delay the product development and retailing processes or force parts of it back into the physical realm.

Witness a live sharing session as we look at garments in Showroom, a collaborative presentation venue in photo-real 3D. We will review rendered samples from various sources together in the same showcase, closing some of the gaps in the digital tool chain.


  • Cyrus Hoomani Cyrus Hoomani Director, Business Development & Strategy at Zoic Labs

    Cyrus blends his extensive knowledge in technology and product development with implementation strategies to drive partnerships with government and non-government entities. With over 13 years at Disney, Cyrus was instrumental in developing corporate partnerships with various multinational organizations and drove key aspects of technology due diligence in M&A activity at Corporate Strategy. Cyrus has extensive experience in product management and product development and holds over 40 patents in the fields of video compression, immersive experiences, and machine learning.

  • Natasha Darnall Natasha Darnall Senior Product Manager at Zoic Labs

    Natasha has been creating both practical and fun virtual experiences since 1999. Prior to her role at Zoic Labs, she brought mobile titles like Tetris and Scrabble to Europe and built worldwide game pipeline tools and platform technologies at Electronic Arts and Disney. She has since led product management and technology at two female-focused startups and currently works on visualization and workflow products in both government and private industry.

  • Saker Klippsten Saker Klippsten Chief Technology Officer at Zoic Labs

    Saker has been CTO of Zoic Labs and Zoic Studios since their inception, overseeing software development and custom pipeline processes that span a broad spectrum of facility management, visual effects, and computer graphics in film, television, and experiential projects. Saker is responsible for the creation of Zoic’s back-end infrastructure, computer farm, global studio infrastructure, storage and networking, and improving multi-site workflows and communication.

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