Vital Mechanics: Soft Avatars for Fit Testing

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  • Wed Sep 22nd at 9:45pm Hong Kong
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 2:45pm London
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 9:45am New York

Vital Mechanics Research is a startup focused on virtual fit testing of clothing using high-fidelity soft avatars. Accurate fit prediction requires trustworthy avatars that behave the way humans do: they must be soft, based on data measured from real humans, and respond realistically to contact with garments. Our solution, VitalFit, provides high-fidelity soft avatars and integrates easily into existing industry-wide workflows and 3D garment CAD software.

VitalFit soft avatars are based on more than two decades of university research and soft tissue measurements of more than a hundred human participants. Advanced finite element methods are used to simulate soft tissue behavior for a large range of body types, to promote inclusivity. Our scalable cloud architecture offloads compute-intensive fit simulations to our servers so there is no need for an additional investment in computers. 3D fit tests can be run at different stages of the product life cycle, and results accessed securely from any Internet browser by authenticated users, facilitating communication within a team working remotely, and collaboration between retailers, brands, and vendors. See for more information.


  • Dinesh Pai Dinesh Pai CEO, Vital Mechanics Research Inc.

    Dinesh K. Pai is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, and founder of Vital Mechanics. His research is focused on data-driven digital human models, measurement and simulation of materials with friction, and machine learning for design. He has received many prestigious recognitions, including a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, the 2020 CHCCS Achievement Award for Computer Graphics, UBC's Killam Research Prize, three NSERC Discovery Accelerator/Supplement Awards, and an international Human Frontier Science Program grant. A dozen of his trainees are now faculty at leading institutions, including Stanford, Toronto, and McGill. Dr. Pai has been a Professor at Rutgers University and has held visiting professorships at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute, New York University's Center for Neural Science, the University of Siena (as Santa Chiara Chair in Cognitive Science), and the Collège de France, Paris (elected Professeur Invité). He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, and his B.Tech. degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. See for more information.

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