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Commissioned by the Secretary General of the UN the 17 sustainable business goals are often foundation pillars for governments and businesses alike when building their strategies and policies.

The go to document if you are looking for information on sustainable fibres and materials, published annually by the global nonprofit organisation the Textile Exchange.

Alvanon’s whitepaper ‘When Caring for People & the Planet Means Profit’ is a great read for senior to middle management who are trying to contextualise the strategic value of sustainability.

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Stephanie Ellis
How do companies determine what sustainable fabrics to use like recycled plastic blended with natural fibers? Is it possible to be sustainable using recycled fibers?
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Bootsy Akkerman
Is product or material registration the key enabler to the circular economy transition? As now products and its materials and processes are lost after point-of-sale, with registration they are linked …
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Curt Fingal
How do we make it easier for consumers to return used products so they can easily be disassembled and re/upcycled into other value-added goods? And how do we make it …
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Sofia Sundström
How might we most efficiently and effectively combine all great circularity/sustainability initiatives throughout the world and throughout the supply chain (suppliers, brands, consumers, tech etc.) in order to radically increase …
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Jenna Wells
I am beyond excited that creators and consumers alike are demanding sustainable fabrications, action and stories behind products. My fear is that some companies jump on the sustainability trend to …
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